Statement from Delegate Dickie Bell Regarding the Supreme Court's Decision Regarding Obama Care

“I am extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare.  I believed, and still believe, that President Obama and Congress overstepped their authority by passing legislation requiring the citizens of the United States to purchase health insurance.  Unfortunately the Supreme Court did not reach that same conclusion, and we must accept their decision.”

     “What the ruling today did not change, however, is that Obamacare is bad policy. The ruling to leave PPACA intact will force Virginia and the other 49 states to continue their preparations to follow a law that is extremely burdensome and expensive.”

     “Virginia Republicans have been among the most vocal opponents of Obamacare, which will result in net spending of 1.2 trillion from 2012 – 2022. We quite simply cannot afford this level of spending, particularly during these uncertain economic times when we should be removing barriers to employment.  These barriers include higher taxes, increased regulation, and costly mandates.  For these reasons, in the 2010 General Assembly Session we passed House Bill 10, which Attorney General Cuccinelli used to provide legal basis for his lawsuit. Unfortunately those efforts end today.” 

     “The fight, however, is not over. It is now up to us, the American People, to stop Obamacare.  Today’s decision makes the November election even more critical.  We have two extremely distinct and different views on how to move this country forward, and it is vital that we elect Mitt Romney as President of the United States, George Allen to the United States Senate, and that we send Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt back to the House of Representatives.  We need President Romney and a solidly Republican congress to repeal Obamacare.”

     “It is no question that every Virginian and every American needs access to affordable health care, however Obamacare is not the solution.  We must instead work toward a solution that is economically responsible, reflects free market principles, and protects our individual liberties.”

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