Statement Regarding FY 2011 Budget Surplus

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STAUNTON, VA – Delegate Richard P. “Dickie” Bell today issued the following statement in response to Governor Bob McDonnell’s announcement of FY 2011 surplus figures. .

“I am very pleased with the Governor’s announcement of the surplus figures. Over the last two years, House Republicans have worked with the McDonnell administration to cut unnecessary government spending, reform duplicative programs and exercise fiscal discipline without raising taxes on Virginia’s hard working citizens. Along with higher than estimated revenue collections, these common sense fiscal policies enacted over the last two years have lead to a surplus of $403.2 million for Fiscal Year 2010, and another surplus of $310 million for Fiscal Year 2011.”

“This year’s surplus is due in large part to the responsible budgeting and low taxes in the Commonwealth. It is also thanks to the efforts of the administration to bring more jobs to Virginia. While there are many encouraging signs of economic improvement, we must still behave responsibly. When the citizens of Virginia have to tighten their belts and make tough decisions, they have the right to expect their government to do the same. “

“Nevertheless, I am pleased that at a time when our federal government and many state governments continue to struggle with their budgets, Virginia has once again been able to produce a structurally sound budget that was not only balanced but that produced a surplus. I am thankful that our Governor as well as the House of Delegates has helped to put Virginia in a great spot to move forward, and I believe that with the uncertainty we see at the federal level, this could not come at a more important time. ”

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