House Bill 1528

Over the past couple of weeks, my office has received contacts from many of you who have expressed your concern over a bill that I filed, House Bill 1528.  I appreciate the feedback of all of you who have spoken up on this issue. This bill was originally a request by the local police departments to assist them in catching thieves and other criminals. Many of you, however, have written and called with concerns that this bill expands the already overreaching powers of the government.  Because of this, I have reconsidered this legislation. The opinions of the constituents I represent is something that I am always concerned about, and I strive to do the best I can to represent the people of the 20th District.

Due to the volume of emails that I have received on this matter, I have made the decision to strike the legislation.

Thanks so much for your feedback on this important matter. If I can ever do anything to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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