Delegate Dickie Bell’s House Bill 1216 Passes in the House of Delegates, House Bill 576 Reported Out of Committee

RICHMOND, VA – Delegate Richard P. “Dickie” Bell (R-Staunton) announced today House Bill 1216 has passed in the House of Delegates.  He also announced that House Bill 576 has been reported out of the Committee on Education.

     House Bill 1216 provides that when a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance only involves a tract of land owned by the Commonwealth or Federal Government only affects a portion of the land, notice only needs to be given to the owners of properties that are adjacent to the affected area.

      “I am pleased to see House Bill 1216 pass in the House of Delegates.” said Delegate Bell.  “This bill was brought to me by Augusta County and makes a lot of sense.  It will save the localities money and extra hassle, and will also help reduce confusion to land owners.  I hope that this legislation will continue to see success in the State Senate. ”

This legislation was reported out of the Counties, Cities, and Towns subcommittee with a vote of 11-0.  It was then reported out of the full committee with a vote of 22-0.  It passed today with a vote of 98-0.   

     House Bill 576 makes several changes to the processes by which teachers and certain administrators are evaluated and retained.  Specifically, it replaces the current continuing contract system with a term contract of three years and requires new hires to have a five year probationary period.  It also requires annual evaluations of teachers, principals, and superintendents and includes student performance as a significant factor in these evaluations, and requires that force-reduction measures consider performance rather than seniority.

     “I am pleased to see House Bill 576 advance out of committee.” said Delegate Bell. “I believe strongly in this legislation. This will allow school systems to remove ineffective teachers that are not performing adequately, while helping the best teachers continue to grow in their careers.  I’m also happy that we’ve been able to work with the School Boards and Superintendents to reach some compromises that I believe have strengthened the bill.  I hope that support will continue to rise, and that this bill will be successful on the House floor.” 

     This bill referred to the Teachers and Administrative Action subcommittee, where debate was heard but no vote was taken.  It was reported out of the full Education committee today with a vote of 13-8.

     Elected to the House of Delegates in 2009, Delegate Bell represents the 20th District, which includes Highland County, portions of Augusta and Nelson Counties, and the Cities of Staunton and Waynesboro.  He is currently serving in his 2nd term.



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