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Local legislators join in criticism of drilling decision

Three Shenandoah Valley legislators Thursday joined fellow Virginia officeholders in criticizing President Barack Obama’s decision to ban drilling off the Atlantic coast for the next seven years. Delegates Dickie Bell, Ben Cline and Steve Landes expressed disappointment in the decision, which federal officials on Wednesday said was prompted by the Gulf Coast oil disaster. The   → Read the full story

Bell Not Ready to Back Liquor Privatization

Del. Richard “Dickie” Bell doesn’t support the governor’s plan to privatize liquor stores, but is open to persuasion on the idea. Bell, R-Staunton, spoke about ABC privatization and other topics to about a dozen people at a town hall meeting inside the Augusta County Government Center on Thursday night. The former Staunton City Council member   → Read the full story

Legislators Discuss Upcoming Session

HARRISONBURG — The state government won’t have nearly as much to cut to balance its budget when the General Assembly meets next month, but this year’s shortfall will still be hard to close, one local lawmaker said Monday. Sen. Emmett Hanger, R-Mount Solon, was one of four Shenandoah Valley legislators who buffed their pro-business legislative   → Read the full story

Virginia mulls cutting recordation, corporate income taxes

Two Republican members of the Virginia House of Delegates are eyeing a pair of tax cuts with broad implications — one that would affect every mortgage borrower in the commonwealth, and one that would go to businesses that put more people to work. The General Assembly session kicks off in Richmond Jan. 12, but House   → Read the full story